10 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Valentine’s Date

When you are single on Valentine’s Day, all the romantic advertising can make you feel that you need a date to be happy. But, the truth is, your best Valentine’s date is already greeting you at the door when you come home, he just might happen to have four legs.

10 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Valentine’s Date

Sanchez Reading TADE1. Dogs like it when you read in bed.

They’ll just cozy up right next to you. Some dogs will even read in their bed. Sanchez has that one down.

2. Dogs are always happy to greet you.

No matter what, your dog is always happy to see you when you come home. It doesn’t matter if you just went out to check the mail, or you’ve been at work all day. A dog will greet you as if you are the best thing that ever happened to him, because you are.

3. Dogs will never be late for dinner.

A dog wouldn’t even think of coming home late for dinner. Are you kidding? In fact, he’ll always be early for dinner.


4. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing.

Don’t feel like getting dressed up and wearing those uncomfortable red heels? No worries. Your dog will appreciate you just as much in your PJ’s, your sweats, or your stylish clothes. It just doesn’t matter. In fact, he won’t even notice and think you’re just as hot wearing slippers instead of red stilettos.

5. Your dog will always prefer to kiss you over a younger woman.

Are you maturing and starting to show your age? Your dog won’t notice. You are still his best friend and he’d prefer to go home with you than the 30-something year old that just moved in down the street. And he didn’t notice what she was wearing either.

6. Dogs are very happy watching chick flicks.

Want to watch “Thelma and Louise” one more time on Valentine’s Day? No problem. Your dog will happily cuddle up next to you on the sofa and tune in. Ok, he might fall asleep. But, he won’t be asking to watch The Terminator.

Sanchez dishwasher7. Dogs don’t expect you to wash the floor or the dishes.

They wouldn’t even think of asking you to clean the floor. In fact, they’ll jump right in and clean it for you before you can even grab the mop. Sanchez even loves to wash the dishes as they are being loaded into the dishwasher.

8. Dogs don’t want anything from you in bed.

Ok, your dog might want to sleep with you. But, once in bed, that’s all he wants. Dogs are truly content just for the opportunity to snuggle with you in bed. And, he’ll think you look and smell gorgeous in the morning.

9. Dogs don’t care about your body type or size.

Gained a few pounds over the holidays? Your dog doesn’t even notice. In fact, he might even be enjoying it if you are eating more than normal. That’s more opportunity for him to sneak in a few extra dropped morsels.

10. Finding your Valentine’s date is as easy as visiting your local shelter.

Don’t have a date or a dog on Valentine’s Day? No problem. Visit your local animal shelter or rescue organization. There will always be a dog waiting for you, ready to go to his/ her forever home. Who knows? You might just be bringing home the love of your life.

Sanchez, Gina and I wish you a heartwarming Valentine’s Day filled with dog kisses and snuggles.


(Note: This was a re-post from Valentine’s 2015.)











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