10,000 Facebook Fans Rock… Calmly!


I am so grateful to connect with 10,000+ dog lovin’, sound aware Facebook fans. I love hearing all about your dogs through this virtual space. And even better when I meet fans IRL (In Real Life). That happened last week, and it was all about a dog, actually this time about my dog…

Guide Dogs S and G

I was visiting the Guide Dogs for the Blind national headquarters in San Rafael, CA. Sanchez and Gina were both born there and it was a nostalgic day. It brought back cherished memories of meeting them there for the first time. I was getting ready to take the picture above when someone said, “Is that Sanchez?” It turns out, she recognized him from Facebook! Wow, I didn’t know I have a celebrity dog. Even Sanchez was smiling before he signed his pawtograph.

GDB pups

Don’t tell Sanchez and Gina, but while I was there, I met a litter of 8-week old Lab pups. I instantly fell in love with them. The only thing better than puppy therapy is puppy therapy with service dog pups.

Sanchez as a puppy in training for Guide Dogs

Puppy Sanchez listening to Calm Your Canine

When Sanchez was a puppy in training, he was known as a little bit of a rascal in my Guide Dog group. Little did I know then that his rambunctious behavior would actually become the inspiration behind Through a Dog’s Ear. This short video tells a little bit of that story…

12 years later, and he’s calmer, but still quite the ham.

Sanchez Tade jacket

S & G 10K bubble

Sanchez is retired from all of his previous careers:

  • Guide dog pup in training
  • Agility competitor
  • Canine Musical Freestyle
  • Actor (Helen Keller’s dog in The Miracle Worker)
  • Greeter of students at my music school

But, as long as he is still feeling up to it, he still has the job of mascot for Through a Dog’s Ear. And, trust me, he is very well paid for his work!

It’s Time to Celebrate You!

Are you interested in meeting Sanchez, along with Gina and me? To celebrate reaching 10,000 Facebook fans, I’d love to connect through a live simulcast directly on the Through a Dog’s Ear Facebook Page. I can answer your questions about canine and feline sound therapy and even include some live demos of me playing my 9 foot Steinway at home. If you and your dogs are interested, thanks for joining the discussion below and letting me know in a comment.


3 Responses to 10,000 Facebook Fans Rock… Calmly!

  1. Terry says:

    Would love to be part of this. I’m a Dog Behavior Therapist and I am always recommending your music!

  2. Patty Soriano says:

    Lisa, congratulations on 10,000 ! I tell everyone I know with an animal about my ICalmDog. I always seem to miss the live stuff on the computer, but hope it goes well!

  3. cheryl romanowski says:

    Congratulations, Lisa, on reaching your magnificent milestone! Thank you for your talent and caring for our animals. Yes, I would be interested in participating in your live video performance and meeting Gina and Sanchez.

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