Welcome and Happy Dog’s Ear Holidays!
7 FREE Downloads in 7 Days!

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Our 2nd annual week-long Dog’s Ear party is goin’ on!

  • Free downloads for you!
  • Free CDs for rescues!

Come and download one beautiful new composition each day….for seven days in a row. What a treat!!

Between Monday morning (12/5, 11 AM/EST) and Sunday evening (12/11, 11:59 pm/EST), the TaDE team is pleased to gift you with a new download each day, all different selections from last year.

These TaDE musical gems can be downloaded in MP3 format. The tracks will be effortlessly transferred directly onto your computer for you, and your pooch, to enjoy whenever you like. Put ‘em on your iPhone, iPad, DogPod, or CD player and enjoy forever! *

30:30 minutes of marvelous music performed by concert pianist, Lisa Spector. For FREE!

(Please note: Monday’s composition will only be available on Monday, Tuesday’s composition only on Tuesday, etc.)

Schedule of Musical Delights

Monday (12/5)
Rachmaninoff: Vocalise
Tuesday (12/6)
Debussy: Reflets dans l’eau
(5:44) (DE)
Wednesday (12/7)
Beethoven: Waldstein
(3:08) (CYC2)
Thursday (12/8)
Bach: Arioso
(5:07) (CH)
Friday (12/9)
Vivaldi: Winter
(4:59) (CNP City Sounds: Moderate Sound Effects)
Saturday (12/10)
Gounod: Berceuse
Beethoven: Pathetique


Right-click on the link (or control-click on a mac)on the link above and select “Save As…” or “Save Linked File As…” depending on your system. Add to iTunes or other Mp3 player as you wish.



Click on the link to download. You may need to unzip this file once it is downloaded. Add to iTunes or other Mp3 player as you wish.

(4:08) (CNP
Thunder storms Mild Sound Effects)

Tell your friends! It’s a Dog’s Ear party beginning Monday morning, 12/5.

Dog’s Ear 2011 Word Game

Take the High Road with the Down Load. Free CDs to Rescues!

For all cross-word, Sudoku, Scrabble and other word afficionados…

Play a TaDE word game and win a Calm Your Canine Series for your preferred animal rescue. First ten winners designate their fave rescue and we play like Santa and deliver!

Here’s what you do… Each day when you come to collect your free download, there will be a new series of letters comprising one word. At the end of seven days (Sunday 12/11), put the seven words together into a logical sentence and email Lisa! The first winner receives the grand prize – a TaDE 2011 Holiday Gift-Pak (book and 7 CDs) for themselves, and designates a rescue for the Calm Your Canine series. The next nine winners will designate the rescue organization of their choice and we’ll have some happier doggies.

Tell your Friends! There’s a week-long Dog’s Ear party goin’ on! Free downloads, free CDs for rescues! Begins Monday, 12/5!

Take the High Road with the Down Load

TaDE 2011 Word Game

Day 1 (Mon, 12/5): N F D I S
Day 2 (Tues, 12/6): S G L E
Day 3 (Wed, 12/7): E C I L A F N E B I
Day 4 (Thurs, 12/8): D Y B R E Y O V E
Day 5 (Fri, 12/9): O T E B V E N E H
Day 6 (Sat, 12/10): T I H W
Day 7 (Sun, 12/11): S T A N O S A

Game rules and tips:


    1. The complete sentence is comprised of seven words.
    2. Each daily word may not be in the right sentence order.
    3. The last word begins with a ‘b.’
    4. The third word usually has two or four.
    5. The sixth word moonlights.

Summary for submissions:

  1. Submissions are due Sunday, 12/11. The final word will be posted at 9:00 AM/ EST 12/11/10. No early entries before that time will be accepted.
  2. Submissions must be sent to Lisa@ThroughaDogsEar.com with the word CONTEST in the subject title. (Please DO NOT send to Facebook.)
  3. All entries must contain complete info for the designated animal rescue you’d like to donate your prize to.
  4. Information must include: Org name, contact name, complete address, tel #, and email address. Entries without complete information will be disqualified.
  5. Only bonafide animal rescues can be submitted.
  6. TaDE reserves the right to select any and all winners.
  7. The first person to send the complete and correctly spelled sentence wins the grand prize of a TaDE 2011 Holiday Gift-Pak (book and 7 CDs) for themselves, and a Calm Your Canine series for their designated rescue.
  8. The next nine winners win the 3-CD Calm Your Canine series to be sent to a rescue.
  9. All participants agree to have their name published on the Through a Dog’s Ear website and Facebook page along with their rescue organization of choice.
  10. Winners will be posted Tuesday, December 13.


Anybody can play! Invite your friends! It’s for a great cause!

* Dear Dog’s Ear friends,

If you are experiencing difficulty with our FREE downloads, we are so sorry! It is our intention to gift as many people as possible with this free music. Last year, during our First Annual Dog’s Ear Word Game, we heard that some participants had difficulty with the downloading process. We are all accustomed to the multi-zillion dollar, wonderfully seamless iTunes set-up for downloads. However, working outside of iTunes, we’ve discovered the complexity of different platforms (PC/MAC), age of computers, browser and media players, updates, etc. All combined, most Dog’s Ear friends  are easily downloading, listening, and transferring to other devices. Yet, a few are having difficulty.

Unfortuantely, TaDE is not able to provide technical assistance. If you are having a download issue, it may be due to your machine, operating system, or software considerations. They all have to synch-up for a seamless delivery.

If you cannot download, again, we are sorry. Our offerings are in good faith. However, we urge you to participate in the TaDE word game and perhaps win FREE CDs for yourself and your favorite animal rescue.

Our wishes for your lovely holidays.

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