And the Oscar for Best Dog in a Feature Film Goes to…

Uggie may have gotten all of the attention at last year’s Academy Awards, but Sanchez and Gina are walking the red carpet this year!

They are overwhelmed with all of the nominations from Through a Dog’s Ear fans.

Sanchez was nominated best actor in a leading role for his appearance in Lisa’s video blog:

Nightly Rituals with Dogs

Sanchez’s movement of his eyebrows to enhance his facial expressions is unmatchable. Turns out the movie was a sleeper. In the three days since it’s premiere, the movie has already received over 1,300 views on youtube. That translates to over a thousand zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s from dogs, and their people now know about sound therapy as a remedy for canine anxiety solutions.

Sanchez is woofin’ about his second nomination, as his fans also recognized him for best cameo role in a video blog when he upstaged the human lead actor and actress (Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector) in

The Story Behind Through a Dog’s Ear

Visually, he doesn’t appear in the movie until 7:53, but you’ll hear sounds of him off camera at 6:21. He definitely stole the show!

In the same video blog, Gina‘s fans nominated her for best supporting actress in her role as a kisser. You can view her unabashed kissing at 8:30.

Although unable to attend the Academy Awards, Sebastian (the dog from the Humane Society of New York who was later adopted by Good Morning America Host Lara Spencer) was nominated for cutest dog to appear in:

Stress Busters for Pets, as Seen on

Good Morning America

Do you think Sanchez, Gina, and Sebastian should win Oscars? Do you have any nominations of your own to add? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comment below. 

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Sanchez and Gina’s Wardrobe by Pam Tatar. (Click to view her adorable doggie accessories.)                                                                         

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