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We are having a big virtual party. At exactly 4:22 PM PDT yesterday, 5,000 fans had “Liked” the Through a Dog’s Ear Facebook page!!! It felt monumental.

I remember my resistance to starting a Facebook page. It was June 2009, and I was techno-phobic. But, that feeling changed when I found Mari Smith, a Facebook Goddess, and Social Media Examiner. I enrolled in their webinars because I knew the more I learned about Facebook pages, the more impact Through a Dog’s Ear would have helping dogs and their people worldwide. I went from fearing Facebook to loving Facebook! The daily feedback I hear from our Facebook fans is often what keeps me inspired to continue on my mission of providing sound therapy for dogs that relieves canine anxiety issues.

The following posts by Facebook fans are a small sampling of some of the highlights:

“Lisa, Little Red is listening to Vol. 3 of Music to Calm Your Canine Companion. Her reaction is quite amazing. She doesn’t curl up in her usual sleeping position. Instead she sprawls. She “exposes” her whole body to the music. Your are a very gifted musician and your music has touched the soul of this abused little dog. Her wounds have healed but her soul is often heavy with fear. She has found great solace in the music. I am so thankful that this gift can help her to forget the horror that was her life for five years at Michael Vick’s Bad Newz kennels. Thank you so much.”                             Susan


“Thought you might like to see how my dogs relaxed within minutes after I turned on your CD.  There was a very, very loud air compressor going off for 45 min. They were nervous wrecks before the music started playing.”                  Lindette B.


I have two adopted Pits that have extreme separation anxiety. I have trained dogs, dolphins, apes, etc for years and work with animals daily as part of my dissertation work.  Nothing I have done over the past two years has helped these dogs in a significant way. In a visit with the behaviorist, I was told about Through a Dog’s Ear, and although I study animal communication and bioacoustics, I didn’t pay much attention. However, after a massive loss to my carpet and bedroom door last week, I ordered your CD’s. It’s not magic, but it’s the closest thing to it! In combination with regular exercise, DAP infuser, and all natural stress remedies, my dogs have been transformed, both in the car on long rides and when left home alone. I purchased a $500 dog crate just in case the music didn’t work, and it looks like I will not need it. And as a side note, Driving Edition: Music to Calm your Dog in the Car also helped me with the stress of a 500 mile Thanksgiving Eve drive. THANK YOU!!!!                                                 Jay Elle O.


With Gratitude:

As a way of expressing gratitude to all of our Facebook fans (and blog subscribers), all five Through a Dog’s Ear CD’s and the book are discounted 25% through April 13th at midnight EDT. Enter coupon code “Facebook5000” at checkout at ThroughADogsEar.com. Enjoy and thanks for forwarding this post to all of your dog loving friends. (Please note: Coupon special does not include downloads or the Canine Noise Phobia series. When ordering a series, please add each item to cart separately to receive the full discount.)


Have you tried sound therapy for your dogs? Thanks for posting a comment and telling us how they reacted.

Have you tried Sound Therapy for your dogs? Through a Dog’s Ear is the first music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system.

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