The Comfort Your Elderly Canine Series (Vol. 1-3)

The Comfort Your Elderly Canine series builds on the clinically demonstrated and well-loved Calm Your Canine Companion. With the addition of highly specific frequency modulation, Elderly Canine is the first therapeutic sound program designed for mature dogs.

Each album in the  Elderly Canine series is an hour in length and performed by award-winning concert pianist, Lisa Spector. Bioacoustic production is by  Joshua Leeds.

The three hours of Comfort Your Elderly Canine (V1, 2, 3includes frequency modulation. The higher frequencies of the pre-arranged piano music have been removed, so as not to arouse a senior dog’s nervous system.

Additionally, significant frequency modulation takes place in the mid- and low-frequency range: the areas with the greatest relaxing impact. Essentially, by reducing or boosting the dosage of specific nutrients of sound, assimilation is made easier for a stressed or weakened senior dog.



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