Does Your Dog Love to Kiss?

Sanchez kissing Lisa at Piano

Yesterday was World Kiss Day. While this holiday was started in the U.K. for humans, I wonder why dogs didn’t join the celebration. I know not everyone appreciates dog slobber all over their face. But, personally, I relish kisses from my dogs. Sanchez gives them out sparingly, so I’ll take them as I can get them.

On the other paw, it’s a constant kissing fest with Gina. She just LOVES to

Gina kissing LisaKISS

and KISS

and KISS

and KISS

and KISS

and KISS


No matter how many times she kisses me, it always brings a smile to my face, and a giggle often accompanies the smile. Of course, this is reinforcing the behavior for her, but no complaints from me.

While I may be anthropomorphizing to think it’s their way of showing affection, I still welcome the experience. But not every dog lover does.

Let’s face it, dogs are dogs. They lick themselves and eat disgusting things off the ground, edible and not. Do you allow that to prevent them from kissing you? Can it even make you ill?

According to Veterinarian Lori Huston, the health risks are extremely minimal. And, in my opinion, the emotional benefits of being kissed by your pet (assuming you enjoy it) far outweigh the health risks.

Fortunately, I’m not the jealous type, as Sanchez has been known to give out kisses to others pretty freely.

Sanchez kisses Joshua


Sanchez kisses Joshua Leeds, while Gina waits her turn.

Sanchez kissing Gail







Sanchez kisses my sister, Gail.







NKD Surf Dog Ricochet  Gina is the jealous type, but she wasn’t with me when SURFice Dog Ricochet gave me a kiss.

Of course, I love to return their kisses too…

Lisa kisses Sanchez

Use common sense, and never stick your face into the space of a dog you don’t know and teach children to abide by that rule.

It’s time to kiss and tell. Do your dogs love to kiss? Thanks for telling us about their smooches in a comment below. And join us in posting pooch kissing photos on Facebook.

Delivering Calm, four paws at a time…

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6 Responses to Does Your Dog Love to Kiss?

  1. Lynn Barkema says:

    This post came up today, just after I got home from the emergency Veterinary Care clinic, with the body of my beloved Libby Lu. I will get no more kisses from her. She awakened us at 6 AM having a seizure, and continued to have one after another until we could get her to the hospital. They said she had a temperature of 109. They don’t know what caused it, but said that beagles are sometimes prone to that, and that the seizures could cause the high temp. They were only able to get her temp down a little and the temp acted on her little body like a heat stroke. She had been in this condition over an hour as it was a 45 minute drive to the emergency clinic, and the vet thought that there would be irreversible brain damage, even if she did recover, and treatment would be over $1,000.00. So, we felt it was the kindest thing would be to have her put to sleep. My nephew is out now digging a grave in the back yard.

    So treasure those kisses. You never know how long you will have them

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Lynn – I am so very deeply sorry for your huge loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending you peace and calm during this difficult time.

    • Glenn Pladsen says:

      Oh Lynn, that is such a reminder to treasure our pets while we have them. I’m so sorry you had to go through that with Libby Lu !!

  2. Maxine Goodyear says:

    I used your CD-Volume 1 on the night of the 4th. When I purchased the pkg of 3 CD’s to calm your dog, I was not looking for a mircle. I did as suggested and started the music about 45 min. before the fireworks. Both dogs were calm during the show (we live 2 blks from where they are set off) At the finale both sat up and took notice, but did not react. I have been telling everyone I see about these CD’s. They actually work. Thanks. Maxine G

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Maxine – So great to hear how well Through a Dog’s Ear music worked during fireworks! Thanks for posting and for spreading the word. The CD’s also come in the form as downloads, and now a portable player called iCalmDog.

      Thanks again!

  3. Marian Warlick says:

    Midas, our Golden Retriever, rarely kisses us on the face, but he is an enthusiastic licker of hands, arms, and legs. He seems to think it’s part of his job as he industriously licks and licks and licks and licks. Since he’s a Therapy Dog, we discourage him from licking non-family members. When we visit a retirement home or nursing home, he could lick a patient’s skin and pick up germs from them, or even the residue of body lotion or medicated cream. At one of our observation visits to qualify for Therapy Dogs Inc., he licked one patient before I could stop him. Our Tester/Observer passed him anyway, since I had immediately corrected him and the patient didn’t seem to mind. The T/O said, “That’s just a Golden. They lick.”

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