Paws Crossed for a Trip to BarkWorld

Gina and Sanchez are Crossing Their Paws for Me

My entry for the Eukanuba Paws in Motion to BarkWorld contest:

There’s a great conference and expo called BarkWorld . I’m dying to attend because I’m positive it will help me with one of my goals: helping homeless dogs find their forever homes.

Let me explain.

I don’t have to tell you all that I love dogs. Nor do I have to tell you that my desire to improve the lives of dogs is one of the key drivers in my life.

My blog readers know about Through a Dog’s Ear and the clinically tested Music to Calm your Canine Companion series, but you might not know about the work we do with animal shelters. Since we launched our first CD in 2008, we’ve donated music to more than 1,500 shelters and rescue organizations internationally. Because the dogs are calmer and the shelters themselves are more peaceful, visitors stay longer and adoption rates are increased.

I do a lot with social media already and even have over 5,000 Facebook fans, but I know that I could do so much more. As the first and only industry-wide educational conference covering social media and lifestyle discussions for pet lovers of all fields, that’s where BarkWorld can help. With its  fabulous line-up of  speakers and all of the pet bloggers attending, I’m sure I will learn so much about social media that will help get Through a Dog’s Ear music into the ears of all the homeless dogs whose lives it could help.

Hearing what shelters are saying about Through a Dog’s Ear feeds my drive to donate music to over 5,000 shelters by the time of BarkWorld 2013.

Sharon Mahoney from the Gwinnett Humane Society in Georgia reported: “We are  playing the CD you donated at our adoption center and visitors are amazed at how quiet and calm our dogs are while in their crates. People actually ask if we sedate the dogs?!! They are accustomed to seeing frantic, scared dogs in adoption centers barking in their crates and are suspicious because ours are so well behaved!”

Jim St. Clair, shelter manager at the Knox County Animal Shelter in Ohio, told me, “A dog named Trellis had been in our shelter for over a year. He was just a bundle of nervous energy. That changed the day Music to Calm your Canine started playing. All of the sudden, he remained quiet and calm when potential adopters came by to say hello. His nervous system was soothed, and he learned to control himself with visitors and shelter staff. Call it luck, coincidence, or synchronicity, but he recently was adopted into his forever home.

View the dogs of the Santa Fe Humane Society & Animal Shelter chilling to the sounds of Through a Dog’s Ear:

Can winning a trip to Atlanta and a conference pass to BarkWorld Expo help us reach our goal of helping dogs in over 5,000 shelters and rescues find their forever homes? Paws crossed that I win and can report an answer in an upcoming blog. If I win, I’ll even post this badge in my sidebar.

BarkWorld Expo
Update: Winners were announced on May 8 and I was the 1st runner-up!!!  While I was hoping for the grand prize that included full air-fare and hotel accomodations, I am thrilled that I won a free pass to attend BarkWorld 2012!

Have you tried Sound Therapy for your dogs? Through a Dog’s Ear is the first music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system.

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6 Responses to Paws Crossed for a Trip to BarkWorld

  1. DeLinda says:

    I hope you go – you definitely deserve it!

  2. Reva says:

    I received my four CD’s in the mail and are playing them for some of our seven dogs, a bird, and a sugar glider. Hopefully we humans will benefit also..

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Reva – Yes, it works on humans too. The same music that is clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system also calms the human nervous system. Not positive about birds and your sugar glider, but Through a Dog’s Ear fans have also told us that it’s really helped relieve anxiety issues in their birds. Would love to hear how yours responds.

  3. Gail says:

    Sounds like a great conference. I hope you win, Lisa!

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