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As the co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear, I receive emails from all over the world hearing how much it is helping dogs with behavior issues and how comforting the music is to them. There is no place I’d rather help dogs than in shelters. When I didn’t even have a dog, I started volunteering at my local shelter and then when I got one, I got trained in their education department and took my dog to schools and spoke on the importance of neutering and spaying, positive reinforcement training, etc. When we signed with our wonderful publisher, Sounds True, they agreed to donate 2,500 copies of Calm your Canine Companion  to shelters and rescue groups. Sounds True, by the way, is a dog friendly company outside of Boulder, CO where employees bring their dogs to work. I’ve never experienced a more productive, calm, friendly office atmosphere.

The Through a Dog’s Ear Shelter Program offers two hours of clinically tested classical piano music (a 2-CD set) free to dog advocacy groups, such as animal shelters and dog rescues. The music provided is Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Volumes 1 & 2. The qualifying factor for free CDs is a non-profit facility that temporarily houses five or more dogs for adoption or placement that has a music system of moderate quality or better. The music is played in the shelters and foster homes and then given to adopters when they bring home their new dog.

Marin Humane Society and ASPCA in New York were our first two pilot shelters and we hear from their behaviorists that the music is helping create quieter shelter environments. They are using it in their behavior consults and noticing a positive effect with the dogs. Our wonderful publisher, Sounds True, has donated 2,500 CD’s to distribute and we are looking for more shelters to give this music to. Please log onto or contact me directly


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