Happy 11th Birthday Señor Sanchez!

Sanchez Before After Years

Today is Sanchez’s 11th Birthday! 

I don’t know how my puppy is 11 already,  but I am eternally grateful that Sanchez is in great health on his 11th birthday.

I’m very aware of the challenges of having a senior pet. Sanchez is teaching me to be more patient, forgiving, and present. These are lessons not always so easy for me. Yet, he has the patience of a saint and is the world’s best teacher. And I am a crazy pet parent that would do anything to make his life more comfortable.

As I reflect back on the years, they are filled with so many wonderful memories. Eleven years ago, the rambunctious puppy behavior of Sanchez inspired the creation of Through a Dog’s Ear. Little did I know that the same puppy  would later motivate the creation of music that comforts senior dogs.

Sanchez coastal trail

Things about Sanchez that I appreciate now more than ever:

  • Hearing him snore
  • Hiking off-leash
  • His company nearby while I play the piano
  • Having him come running to me when I call him
  • Watching his tag wail while he’s sleeping (video below)
  • Watching him roll around on his back (click for video)

Do you have a dog in the double digits? Are there things that you appreciate now more than ever? Thanks for sharing them in a comment below.

Sanchez birthday hat iCD

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