Helping Rescues…. Four Paws at a Time!

Through a Dog’s Ear has donated thousands of CD’s to rescue groups, shelters, and non-profit animal organizations for fundraising events.

We love animal rescue groups. Unfortunately, they are chronically overbooked, understaffed, and seriously under-financed. And so, many of them come to Through a Dog’s Ear for donations of music for their facilities, foster homes, and to be sent home with adopted dogs. The clinically tested music helps increase adoption rates and provides an ease of adjustment into their forever homes.

My desire to help improve the lives of dogs worldwide takes precedence over almost everything else in my life, except for taking care of my own dogs. I’ve been told my passion is contagious and inspiring. Hearing stories about Through a Dog’s Ear improving adoption rates in shelters and rescue organizations worldwide keeps my passion alive.

While Through a Dog’s Ear has donated thousands of CDs to shelters and rescues, we are having a difficult time keeping up with the demands. We have a matching campaign running until August 23. For every Through a Dog’s Ear CD purchased on our website, we’ll donate a CD to a rescue org on our waiting list that will be sent home with a new adopter.

Today is International Homeless Animals Day. It was started to raise awareness about pet overpopulation. Won’t you help? Every Through a Dog’s Ear CD purchased on our website  before August 23 makes a CD available for a rescue dog. Thanks for being social and sharing with your dog loving friends.

Matching Campaign Particulars:

  • Matching campaign applies to sales between 8/16-23.
  • Matching applies to retail CD sales only.
  • Not applicable to wholesale, downloads, or the Canine Noise Phobia series.
  • All bundles apply to Match Campaign (e.g., the 5-CD Dog’s Ear Library will be matched by 5 donated CDs, etc.)
  • Rescues will be supplied with Music to Calm your Canine Companion, Vols. 2-3.

It never ceases to amaze me how passionate Through a Dog’s Ear fans are about helping animals in need. Do you do volunteer work to help homeless animals? Or maybe it’s become your profession? Thanks for sharing your story in a comment below.

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