USB charging cable to computer included with your iCalmCat purchase. This adapter is for the convenience of charging through an electrical outlet.

When iCalmCat is charged with Battery Charger, it plays for a whopping 20+ hours. It also works great during power outages from thunderstorms. Recommended for use with iCalmCat.

Created by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Nancy Tanner, Calm Aroma Mist is free from chemicals, emulsifiers, and preservatives. These delightful sprays are safe for dogs, children, and adults and benefit both species. A refreshing additional sensory calming tool for your canine household.

Extra Chargers for the Car and Home!

Comes standard with all iCalmCat packages. But, sometimes it’s helpful to have an extra one around for travel. Plugs into either your computer or iCalmCat USB Power Adapter (above). 

As an alternate to the Bluetooth feature, this cable can be used as an external speaker. This 2 ft cable connects the iCalmCat headphone jack to your mobile device or computer (3.5mm Audio Plug).

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