No more
stressed dogs.

Proven! Canine sound
therapy at home
and anywhere.

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iCalmDog 3.0 – No more stressed Dogs.

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Introducing iCalmDog 3.0®

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Canine stress leads to
acting out

We love our dogs. We bring ‘em home and expect them to adapt. Some can; many can’t.

Sensory confusion leads to over-stimulation, and eventually your pooch acts out… then it gets weird. 

iCalmDog can help by creating a consistently calm auditory environment.

The Art and Science of
Canine Sound Therapy

Nutrient Sound

Simplified musical arrangements are
easier to digest.

Frequency Modulation

High-pitched ‘arousing’ frequencies reduced
while lower ‘soothing’ frequencies increased.

Tone, Tempo & Pattern

Compositions selected and/or rearranged with emphasis
on resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification.
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About BioAcoustic Research
Creators of Through A Dog’s Ear®

Sound researcher Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector began researching auditory solutions for canine and feline anxiety in 2003. Their specialized classical music soundtracks – known as Through a Dog’s Ear® and Through a Cat’s Ear® – are well-loved in hundreds of thousands of shelters, rescues, vet clinics, and pet homes around the world.

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