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Our mission is to provide quality auditory programs that calm anxiety in dogs and cats. We take our work quite seriously. Our company ethics are rooted in good faith and responsibility. If there is ever a problem with our players or music, our commitment is to make it right. We have two Player Warranty Programs to serve your needs.


(Applies to iCalmDog/Cat models 2.0a, 2.0b, and 3.0)

REFUND: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

If the iCalmDog/Cat Player you’ve purchased directly from us online does not meet your expectations, we will refund your purchase price by crediting your original credit card.

To qualify for this, kindly follow these procedures:

  1. Returns must take place within 60-days of your purchase date.
  2. Send your iCalmDog 3.0 (with all included items). Please be sure to package items safely so they don’t get damaged during shipping.
  3. To insure your refund, purchaser name, ORDER number, and reason for return must be included.
  4. Contents must be in like-new condition.
  5. Send to: THROUGH A DOG’S EAR
    1467 Siskiyou Blvd #30
    Ashland, Or 97520
  6. Shipping fees: Returns must take place within 60-days of purchase date. Shipping fees are not refunded unless item arrived defective.
  7. Issuance of refund is based on condition of items returned and at sole discretion of BioAcoustic Research, Inc.

REPLACEMENT: 9-Month Defective Merchandise Warranty – FREE

If the iCalmDog/Cat Player you’ve purchased directly from iCalmDog.com is defective, we offer our apologies for any inconvenience, and will replace the player (or any other defective components) for FREE. Here’s what you do:

  1.  Email us with specific details: CustomerSupport at ThroughADogsEar dot com
  2.  We’ll quickly send you confirmation of replacement. In most instances, replacements will be shipped within 5 working days unless item is out of stock. If this is the case, you will be notified as soon as like product is available and when your replacement ships.
  3. Shipping fees: If we determine that item is defective, all shipping fees are waived. Please note: shipping fees are not refunded unless the item arrived to you defective or became non-functional within 9-months of your purchase.
  4. Issuance of refunds or replacements are based on condition of items returned and at the sole discretion of BioAcoustic Research, Inc.

The Small Print: To qualify for either of our Player Refund/Replace warranty programs:

  • Your unit cannot have been dropped, damaged, or scratched. 
  • If you disassemble your iCalmDog for any reason, sorry, it is no longer returnable or refundable.
  • Players must have been purchased directly from iCalmDog.com, iCalmCat.com, or ThroughaDogsEar.com.

RETURN POLICY FOR iCalmDog Micro Sound Cards


If the iCalmDog Micro Sound Card you have purchased does not meet your expectations (please make sure you have followed the included training instructions), we will refund your money or replace if defective. Original flash drives must be received prior to refunds or replacement.

Refunds or exchanges must take place within 60-days of the purchase date. Shipping fees are not included in any return calculation, unless the product is defective.

Other Returns and Exchanges

Please call us at 1-800-788-0949 or email us at CustomerSupport at ThroughADogsEar dot com. Prior to any returns, we will instruct you in how to return or exchange your iCalmDog products.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask! CustomerSupport at ThroughADogsEar dot com

What’s Up with Battery-Driven Consumer Electronics?

Any lithium battery-driven device – from mobile phones to computers to MP3 Players – has a built-in lifespan. After a certain number of battery charges, you have to completely replace the unit. The batteries that run the iCalmDog/Cat players are 500 mA. This means they “should” take up to 500 charges; after that, the batteries may not hold a charge. When that transpires, you will have to replace your Player. You can keep the music Micro SD Card and all other components for use on your new device. We wish we could simply replace the batteries, but that is not currently possible.

Battery Charging Tips

For most efficient battery life: Any rechargeable battery needs to be fully charged and then brought down to 10% or until fully drained, and then fully re-charged for maximal battery life. Battery is fully charged when tiny red light by power plug goes out. Charging time is 2-3 hours. Keeping a battery device plugged into power all the time will actually shorten the battery life long-term. If you are gone all day and your pup is at home listening to iCalmDog, we suggest you keep it charged with your Battery Charger.

Specifications and Warranties – iCalmDog 3.0


Actual iCalmDog 3.0 size
L 2.91″ x W 2.91 x W 2.55″

  • Powerful HD sound – clear, crisp, room-filling high volume sound for its small size. Rated Power: 5wt. Sound distortion < 0.3%.
  • Connect your Bluetooth devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android, and other smart phones or mp3 players wirelessly for louder sound and music. Bluetooth range: 30ft Bluetooth protocol: version V3.0 + EDR + A2DP + AVRCP
  • Built-in rechargeable battery! Get up to 8 hours of play time from a single charge of the built-in battery. Simply connect it with the USB port to easily recharge the speaker.
  • Audio input modes: Bluetooth, Aux cable, Micro SD card. Speaker includes a Micro SD slot and AUX input. Choose to play music via Bluetooth features, or load up your Micro SD card with mp3 files and play it directly from the card, or from the AUX input!








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60-Day Money Back Guarantee