Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

About Separation Anxiety

Victoria-Stilwell-profile“Dogs and humans have a mutual need to form social attachments, and while dogs may experience a little separation anxiety and distress at times, most learn to cope with a person’s absence. Some dogs, however, become highly anxious when left alone and exhibit some or all of the classic signs of that anxiety, including excessive vocalization, pacing, whining, panting, inappropriate toileting and destructiveness. These dogs have an inability to settle and cope when left alone. Separation anxiety has many causes…”

-Victoria Stilwell, author, Train Your Dog Positively

The creators of  Through A Dog’s Ear have collaborated with award-winning positive reinforcement trainer Victoria Stilwell to develop this highly innovative Separation Anxiety program, singular to iCalmDog.

Pushing the boundaries of Micro Card technology, this unique program contains extensive instructions (verbal and written) that help you relieve your dog’s stress when left alone.

Utilizing the visual color and auditory capacity of the iCalmDog system, there are 3 tracks of 2-hrs, 4-hrs, and 8-hours of sequenced music and silence. Used in conjunction with the extraordinary Stilwell training protocols, iCalmDog Separation Anxiety uses the sensory system unparalleled in behavioral training.

Read more about Victoria Stilwell.

Separation Anxiety for iCalmDog



Includes laminated content card, detailed instruction booklet, and Micro SD card for iCalmDog.



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