It’s National Assistance Dog Week


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National Assistance Dog Week (NADW) is August 8 – 14.

The goals are to:

  • Recognize and honor hardworking assistance dogs
  • Raise awareness of assistance dogs
  • Educate the public about the work these specially trained animals perform
  • Honor the puppy raisers and trainers of assistance dogs
  • Recognize heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs in our communities

My seven year old Labrador Retriever, Sanchez, is a career change from Guide Dogs for the Blind and I was his volunteer puppy raiser. (OK, I took the word career change literally as he has since been an agility dog, an actor, and currently a musical canine freestyler.) I have seen first hand some of the training required for these devoted dogs and there is a soft place in my heart for service dogs.

We donated CD’s to Canine Partners for Life in Pennsylvania. Their mission is to increase the independence and quality of life of individuals with mobility impairments by providing professionally trained service dogs and support services. In their summer newsletter, they reported that visitors to their kennels often comment on the soothing music they hear in the background. We have also donated Driving Edition: Music to Calm your Dog in the Car to their dogs in training during transportation for working sessions.

I dedicated a recent blog to Freedom Dogs, a remarkable organization in San Diego that offers custom-trained specialty service dogs to wounded members of the military returning from armed conflict. Through a Dog’s Ear music is one of the tools that is helping Freedom Dogs accomplish their mission of creating a way to speed the recovery and enhance the lives of wounded military heroes.

Sending a big virtual gratitude hug to all service dogs and people who raise, train and care for them. If you are affiliated with a service dog organization, we’d love to hear from you and learn how we can provide your dogs with Through a Dog’s Ear music.

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