Moose Calms Down with… Puppy Music?

I bet you thought this was an April Fools’ joke! Moose really did calm down listening to Music to Calm your Puppy. But, Moose is actually not a moose.

Moose is…




a puppy! An adorable Black Labrador puppy who has been growing up with Through a Dog’s Ear music since the day Claudia and David Crane brought him home at 11 weeks.


The music of  Through a Dog’s Ear is not only effective at treating canine anxiety issues, but people have been using the music to help prevent anxiety issues and sound phobias. Reports are coming in that puppies are growing up calmer, as they are learning to associate the calming music with a happy, peaceful emotional response.

Here’s what Claudia had to say….

 Jumping Puppy: “This puppy album is the ticket. Ten minutes ago Moose was jumping all over me, wanting to play. Now he’s sleeping like a baby. What a great way to have a productive work day!”

I hope you enjoyed the short slide show and sound sample. Click to listen to sound samples from all of the Through a Dog’s Ear recordings. And, if you and your dogs enjoy what you hear….

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Music to Calm your Puppy

Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine

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One Response to Moose Calms Down with… Puppy Music?

  1. Kiara Alphonse says:

    It´s sounds really great, not just for my puppie. Thanks!

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