More Dog Beds than Dogs!

I went shopping for dog beds this weekend. It’s not that Sanchez or Gina needed them.  There were already four in my house, and they often share one bed anyhow.





But, you never know when one dog might need to use three dog beds at once!


I was feeling pretty sad about  canceling my trip to BlogPaws due to hurricane Irene. So it was time for some good shopping therapy. After recently having a Feng Shui consultant update my home environment, I’ve had my eye out for affordable dog beds that match my blogging sofa.

There is a Ross Store around the corner from where I practice agility with Gina. I’ve looked every time I’m there and the beds are all usually too small. Honestly though, you’d think I was shopping for Great Danes, not Labs. I was finally in a great mood Friday night, having just completed a really fun agility practice with Gina, and as luck would have it, I found large dog beds in the right colors that looked really comfy.

My plan was to get rid of two or three dog beds already at home. As of yet, I still haven’t done so. Instead, I just keep stacking them in layers.


I was feeling a little crazy for having six dog beds for two dogs (not counting the outdoor dog bed or crates), so I asked the question on Facebook, “Does anybody have any more dog beds than dogs?” The responses came in almost as fast as Hurricane Irene and I no longer felt completely crazy or lonely from not being with my blogging buddies.

Some of the Facebook comments:

This is a trick question, right? : ) Currently: 2 dogs & 9 dog beds, not mentioning crates….oh, and the mats for when we’re out and about.

I have 4 beds… and the dog, nor the 2 cats ever use them! They’re always in my bed or on the sofa.:)

Of course, but then my Ollie is currently laying in a box of clothes.:-)

Just counted, 12 dog beds, 2 sofas, a chair, an ottoman and my bed for 2 dogs. Are they spoiled or what? Do I win the crazy dog lady prize?

Two dogs – 3 beds on 1st floor, 1 bed on staircase, 2 travel beds, 2 heat reflective mats, 2 coolaroo beds outside.

Multiple dog beds in all 3 bedrooms, plus some sleep in the people beds with their staff and others are on leftover people beds. 6 big & giant dogs and too many dog beds to count including an extra 3 on the back deck…

Yep. One greyhound and 6 beds. One for every room plus one at her ‘grandads’!


Do you have more dog beds than dogs? Thanks for sharing how many in your reply below.

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3 Responses to More Dog Beds than Dogs!

  1. Jenny says:

    If you have a Costco near you or even an hour away like ours, we have found that they have some of the nicest dogs beds. They are even big enough for my danes and they are all under $25 too. We get large square ortho beds for $23.

    • SeeDogThink says:

      I agree, costco has the best dog beds! I got my costco membership pretty much only for that reason. Here in Canada they have round ones and rectangular ones and they smell like cedar chips and you can remove and wash the covers. They are the best deal ever and they have nice covers that I can match to my FURniture… 🙂

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Great suggestion and thanks for your replies. I rarely go to Costco so haven’t looked in a long time. But, we have a local store that has fabulous prices on Costco returns and most of my previous dog beds came from there. But, I wanted two of the exact same beds, just different colors, so couldn’t find them there.
      For now, I’m pleased with the quality and price of the new ones from Ross. $35 each. Removeable, washable covers. And one side is designed for warmer weather, and one for cooler weather. No complaints from the dogs so far 😉

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