Music to Comfort Senior Dogs? Tenderly!

Sanchez AKC CGC Certificate

Sanchez receives his Canine Good Citizen certificate at age 9


Like many dog lovers, I have a very tender place in my heart for senior dogs. When I first began working on the initial Through a Dog’s Ear project, I had a thirteen-year-old Golden Retriever named Byron. Only one year later, his memorial picture was on the piano as I recorded the first compositions. Byron was such a loving inspiration for me.

Shortly after he passed, I became a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind and fell in love with an adorable, rambunctious pup named Sanchez who, it turned out, was not guide dog material. I find it ironic that the same “career-changed” puppy, who became the beloved mascot for Through a Dog’s Ear, is now a senior dog himself. At ten years old, Sanchez is definitely slowing down.

Last summer, I had the unexpected opportunity to use the first volume of Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine to help Sanchez with pain management. After a sudden onset of nerve pain and extreme discomfort, he was diagnosed with a slipped disc in his neck.

During initial treatment stages, when Sanchez was on bed rest and pain management was quite challenging, I played Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine Vol. 1 almost around the clock and both of us benefited. It was a highly stressful time. Every few hours, when his meds started to wear off, the soothing sounds helped keep us both calm.

Additionally, the music actually replaced anesthetics. Because of the location of the pain, he had to lay perfectly still on his back during the X-rays. They could not be done at my holistic veterinarian office, and the veterinarian (new to both of us) said that Sanchez would surely need anesthetics to keep still. Instead, I sent the Eldery Canine music into the X-ray room and the music became an agent for natural calming. No drugs needed.

While I am always grateful when I can combine my passions for music and dogs, I’m particularly honored to create the Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine series. I personally experience the serenity this music brings my boy, Sanchez, when he suffers from the inevitable ailments of growing older. I think of Elderly Canine as an auditory soothing pill.

These recordings build upon our clinically tested principles of entrainment, orchestral densities, and auditory pattern identification. Also, a new component has been added – frequency modulation. Eldelry Canine is specifically designed to accommodate a senior dog’s range of hearing. By reducing high frequencies and boosting mid-range frequencies in the music, mature canines derive far greater benefit than from non-adjusted recordings.

Newly Released Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine Vol. 2

EC2 Cover


Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine, Vol. 2, follows in the tradition of Vol. 1: beautiful therapeutic music designed for our beloved, mature furry friends. Listen to sound samples and enjoy with your senior pooch! If you’re lucky, s/he might even thank you for it with a kiss.

Schumann for Seniors? Sensitively!



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