Music for the Canine Household

Jenny lies at John's feet while he works and they both listen to Music for the Canine Household

Jenny lies at John’s feet while he works and they both listen to Music for the Canine Household

CD, 1 hour, 21-page booklet
Published by BioAcoustic Research & Development

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Canine Household

Performed by The Apollo Chamber Ensemble (Piano, Cello, Oboe, English Horn), featuring Lisa Spector, pianist. Produced by Joshua Leeds.

Through a Dog’s Ear research shows special arrangements of classical music have a soothing impact on dogs. Yes, there are times when it is appropriate to use recordings that are quite slow and simple, designed to deeply relax your dog when she is alone. (Our Calm Your Canine Companion series does just that.) However, when you’re also at home, you want music that is going to keep your pooch settled, yet keep you from snoozing, too!

Sound therapy expert Joshua Leeds and musician Lisa Spector bring you classical music that facilitates awakened awareness in people while simultaneously providing relaxation for your dog. Whether you’re reading a book, creating something fun, or doing household chores, Music for the Canine Household is a great auditory environment to help two- and four-leggeds enjoy the sweetness of home.


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