My Dog is Everything I Never Wanted!


Gina is three years old today! She’s now been  a part of my canine family for a little over half of her life. I adopted Gina when she was 16 months old. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. In fact, she’s everything I never wanted.


In searching for a second dog, I knew I didn’t want another Lab. I obviously love Labs, but wanted a smaller dog that would fit into my car and my life.

I didn’t want a black dog. Sanchez sheds A LOT, but at least his fur is blond so it doesn’t show everywhere. Black hair all over the house…. well, not my preference.

I was certain I didn’t want another career change dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. They are remarkable dogs, but generally don’t have enough drive to be great agility dogs.

Um….. have you noticed?

Gina is a LAB.

Gina is BLACK.

Georgina (her guide dog name) is a former puppy in training from Guide Dogs who was “career changed” at a year of age. (However, she has so much drive that I was able to adopt her because of my eagerness to do agility with her.)

While she is everything I never wanted, life has caused me to realize that she’s everything I ever wanted. She’s the absolute perfect second dog for me. Her personality couldn’t be more more opposite from Sanchez’s. She wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Ah, what can I do for her today?”. Sanchez wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Ah, what can she do for me today?”. Their contrast is a refreshing change and I continue to learn from both of them daily.

Since adopting her, I’ve realized that the best things in life happen this same way. We think we know what we want, but life frequently brings us something different that we couldn’t have imagined, and it’s even better. And, I hadn’t realized that Labs could be full grown at only 45 pounds and they don’t all shed (well at least not much).

Did the perfect dog ever come into your life that at first appeared to be everything you never wanted? Thanks for adding your comment below.

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