My Dog’s First Piano Recital

Sanchez piano bench smaller

April Fools! Sanchez didn’t really play the piano on this one, as much as he loves being center stage. In fact, no dogs here. Just sharing some music humor.

Just because I’m a Juilliard graduate and a concert pianist, it doesn’t mean I’m always serious. In fact, I’ve been known to even try my hand at humor during April Fools’ Concerts. Below is a clip of a comedy concert I gave on a previous April Fools’ Day. I was supposed to be the straight (wo)man. But, as you can see, keeping a serious face while working with page turner Myron Schpelky (a.k.a. Chris Miller) proved impossible for me. All I can say is, it’s a good thing I can play the piano and laugh simultaneously. 

Enjoy and happy April Fools’ Day!

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