National Senior Pet Health Month



September is National Senior Pet Health Month! But when you have a senior dog that is considered part of your family, every day is about your dog’s health. As we all know, stress affects our lives and our health, and that works cross-species as well.

It is not unusual for a middle-aged or senior dog to develop new anxiety behaviors that were never present in their earlier years. When my dog Byron was alive, he was the most mellow dog on the planet, until he turned eight years old and developed a very specific sound sensitivity. He suddenly started to panic when he heard the sound of the wind hitting the windows.

It’s almost impossible to believe that the same dog that inspired the original idea behind Through a Dog’s Ear is now approaching his senior years. Sanchez, my nine year old Yellow Lab and our mascot, just recently started developing a new anxiety behavior. When he is just finished with his morning meal, he starts to panic, resource-guards his food container, and growls and barks at Gina. I never would have imagined when he was younger that he could have developed this behavior issue.

Through a Dog’s Ear music is psychoacoustically designed to support you and your dog’s compromised immune or nervous system function. When the immune or nervous system is heavily taxed, as it so often is in senior dogs, a natural reaction is to self-limit the amount of auditory or visual stimulation coming into the system. That is why senior dogs will often shut down in overstimulating sound environments. The nutrients of sound are needed the most when life energy is at a low ebb or when neuro-developmental (including sensory) issues are present.

To facilitate maximum sound intake while conserving energy output, the method of “simple sounds” was created in the Calm your Canine music series. Our newest release, Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine, adds highly specific frequency modulation, defined as the alteration of sound. Most higher frequencies of the pre-arranged classical piano music are removed, while the middle and lower frequencies are boosted. Essentially, by reducing or boosting the dosage of specific nutrients of sound, we’ve made assimilation easier for a stressed or weakened elder canine. Listen to sound samples of our entire 10 CD collection.

Have your senior dogs exhibited new anxiety behaviors that weren’t present in their younger years? Thanks for sharing them in a comment below, along with ways you’ve been able to bring them comfort in their tender, senior years.

Have you tried Sound Therapy for your dogs? Through a Dog’s Ear is the only music clinically demonstrated to calm the canine nervous system.

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2 Responses to National Senior Pet Health Month

  1. AMY MARTIN says:

    I loved this post.Senior dogs have a very special place in my heart : ) I shared this with my father and his wife, who have a very geriatric Westie that spends long days alone at home. I know they will appreciate all the help they can get. Thank you!

  2. Lisa Spector says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Amy. Thanks so much for sharing with your father and his wife too.

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