Our Dog is Like American Express. We Don’t Leave Home Without Her!

Lisa Apple with Dogs
I chuckled when I heard the above response about American Express when I asked my cousin, Josh Glick, about his adorable Golden Retriever, Chloe. It was funny because it’s also so true in my life with Sanchez. He goes almost everywhere with me, much more so than I’ve done with any dog in the past. I’m not sure if it’s because so many public places near me are dog friendly, or because he grew up as a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy in training and he was bred and raised to be calm in social settgings. In his Guide Dog puppy training days, he even went to indoor restaurants and San Francisco Symphony concerts.
Honestly, it’s pretty rare that he’s left at home alone, probably about once a week. Sanchez prefers an active social life of going to work with me and greeting students at my music school, going on errands with me (I think half of the town knows him by now), and just riding in the car to go anywhere. A variety of local venues (in Half Moon Bay, CA) have treats for him – my bank, the UPS store, and the local hardware store. I’ve been taking classes at my Apple Store lately and dogs are invited into all Apple Stores. If I had known that sooner, I probably would have bought a Mac years ago. (Not to mention how much I love the computer and the service.)
When I posted this on Facebook recently, an entire conversation started regarding what big chain stores in local communities welcome their well behaved dogs on leash.The list included Home Depot, Nordstrom‘s, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Walgreens, The UPS Store, and Crate & Barrel. Also mentioned were many locally owned stores in many dog friendly towns such as Carmel, CA and Myrlte Beach, SC.

When I asked Nordstrom’s on Twitter what their dog policy is, they tweeted this: “We don’t have a dog policy for our stores. Service dogs are always welcome. For pet dogs, we try to use our best judgment.” It may be different in every community, but I love it that more stores are welcoming friendly well-behaved dogs on leash. Are there any stores in your community that you’d like to share? Please click “comment” below and let others know. Also, please share your stories of your experiences bringing your dogs into stores.


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