Playing Piano for Gina on her 5-Year ‘Gotcha Day’


Five years ago today, I adopted Gina. It’s hard to believe that I once thought she was the dog I never wanted. But, a wise soul once said, “you don’t get the dogs you want, you get the dogs you need.”


I remain forever grateful for this 44 pound package of pure joy and happiness that entered my life at the perfect time. She reminds me every day to just get out and play, and that is reason enough to be happy.


In addition to playtime and working together as an agility team, I also cherish quiet moments together. While she’s normally a bundle of energy, she gets very soothed by my piano playing. And, with the launch of iCalmDog 2.0 this week, I’ve also been a bundle of energy and needed the quiet time as much as her.


Gina and I share a special song. When she was in ER a few years back, and I wasn’t sure she was going to survive, we listened to the Skulta Adagio together. It created an experience of closer connection to a dog than I had ever known. I’ll never forget that moment. In the vet clinic, we were listening together on her iCalmDog. Now, when I play it for her on the piano, it reminds me of my deep gratitude for our deep emotional bond. (And you won’t want to miss her reaction at the end of the video.)

If you’d like to also create a similar experience with your dogs, I will be giving a live simulcast of a Canine Classical Concert from my living room in December.  You’ll be able to tune in with your pups from the comfort of your home. Click here for details on my FREE Secret Piano Show (then scroll down). Of course, Sanchez and Gina will be hanging out by the piano too.

Happy “Gotcha Day” Gina. You are such a blessing in my life, and I remain forever grateful for all the gifts you bring me.



9 Responses to Playing Piano for Gina on her 5-Year ‘Gotcha Day’

  1. caroline azuaje says:

    I would like to hear more about dogs and their people in concerts .
    thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. patricia says:


  3. Margaret Richardson says:

    I purchased iCalmDog after rescuing a dog that had severe separation anxiety, she was tiny and malnourished at that stage, but she literally destroyed a door when she had to be left at home during an emergency trip to the vet with my older dog.
    I began an online search shortly afterwards, looking for an alternative to medication for my new companion and came upon the ‘Through a Dog’s Ear’ website. Even just listening to excerpts that were available online, I could see my new companion begin to calm, her nervous shaking began to ease, so I placed an order and waited for it to arrive.
    I’ve been using it now for well over two years, and the difference in my companion is remarkable. She’s been left alone since but with iCalm Dog playing, and there has been no destruction of property. I find her lying on her bed when I return, and security footage shows that apart from a cursory check of the premises after I’d closed the door, she hadn’t moved from it.
    I adopted another rescued dog about 6 months ago and used it with her too to help her assimilate into her new surroundings.
    I highly recommend iCalm Dog to anyone.

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Margaret – This is music to my ears. It fills my heart with so much joy that you found us and iCalmDog has been so helpful. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Jeanny Laurie says:

    I just love the musc and so does my little 3 pound 5 yr old rescue chihuahua and our 2 rescue cats! Thank you so much. Your music made our move to new home 9 hours away so much easier! It s my immediate go to when my babies need it. Home required remodel and we even had jack hammers in the hall! I would go into the bedroom just down the hall and my scared kitty would be asleep on his BACK on the bed with his music playing in concert with jack hammers! Amazing! So grateful. Got him out of hiding and back into enjoying life!!!! Cats are 10 and 14 so moving was hard for them. But they love their new home now! I am so grateful. Thank you!!!
    Our little dog suffered horrible abuse before we got her. She came to us with a broken jaw all wired and hurt legs and broken spirit. So afraid of new people and places. She now loves Home Depot and Lowes and new people. She smiles with her little teeth showing when happy. The music has helped her grow into what my sister calls “a social butterfly”. Thank you for helping her with your music and love.

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Jeanny – It just warms my heart hearing that my music helped transform your pup into a social butterfly, and glad to hear it’s been so helpful with your entire 4-legged household. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Adelaide Soares says:

    Coming from a family of pianists our dogs all enjoyed the study and rehearsal time profoundly.I learned with them to listen and respect the sacred playing time. We even had a “coati mundi”that would jump on the piano when my grand mother was plaiting.. We had never less than 8 to 10 dogs at anytime.

    • Lisa Spector says:

      Adelaide – Isn’t it fun how they congregate around the piano? All of my dogs have also always done the same, even my childhood Cocker Spaniel after she went deaf.

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