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This marketplace includes pet products that I personally love and use with my own dogs, Sanchez and Gina. Through a Dog’s Ear has been clinically demonstrated to calm canines through auditory perception. However, each dog is an individual and has different sensory strengths and preferences.

In this online store, I feature products that educate, appeal to the other senses, and support green canine lifestyles.

All profits from Lisa’s Marketplace support Through a Dog’s Ear Shelter/Rescue Programs – currently at 1,600 facilities world-wide and growing daily!

Our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support.

Calming Sprays (K9 Aromatherapy)

Cultivate balance and a healthy curiosity with scent! Calm Aroma Mist and Comfort Aroma Mist were created by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Nancy Tanner (The Scent Project).

Calm Aroma Mist – Price $11.00 Sold Out
Comfort Aroma Mist – Price $11.00 Sold Out

Neutricks for Senior Dogs (Dietary Supplement)

Neutricks, an extraordinary new approach to senior canine brain function, provides a powerful remedy for senior care and memory loss. Within two weeks of taking Neutricks, my nine-year-old Lab, Sanchez began  exhibiting youthful behavior again – retrieving, playing with toys, and increased reflex speed.

Price $49.95 Sold Out

Calming Chews

Separation anxiety? Nervousness?? Pacing?!? Chill dog. CALMING Chews by Pet Naturals of Vermont support calming and relaxation for dogs. The high potency natural ingredients are properly formulated for optimal results.

For Small Dogs – Price $5.99 Sold Out
For Medium and Large Dogs – Price $9.99 Sold Out

Ultimate Guide to Massaging your Dog (DVD)

Dr. Cindy DiFranco’s Ultimate Guide to Massaging your Dog is an easy to understand, step by step guide designed to teach you how to perform a professional massage on your dog.

Price $34.99 Sold Out

Don’t Leave Me (Book by Nicole Wilde)

Does Your Dog Hate to be Left Alone? If so, your dog may have a separation issue. But not to worry! The solution is right here in your hands. This interactive workbook will guide you step by step to teach your dog to feel comfortable when left alone.

Price $19.95

Inside of a Dog – What Dogs See, Smell, and Know (Paperback Book by Alexandra Horowitz)

Psychology professor and dog person Horowitz introduces readers to the idea of a dog’s “umwelt” ~ his worldview. If you want to know how your dog views our human world, read this book!

Price $15.99

Dog Sense (Paperback Book by John Bradshaw)

How the new science of dog behavior can make you a better friend to your pet. By animal behavior and welfare expert John Bradsaw.

Price $15.99

Advice from a Dog (Postcard and Laminated Bookmark)

I’ve displayed these beautiful cards by Your True Nature in my blogs, and they are always a big hit. They’ve inspired me to revel in all that my dogs have taught me.

Price $4.49 Sold Out

Dawggie-Go-Pak (pouch)

Cell phone here? Keys there? Poop bags in back pocket? Now one stylish pouch holds them all.

Price $14.95

BioBags (Biodegradable Poop Bags)

BioBag Dog Waste Bags hold the distinction of being the first certified compostable “plastic” pooper bag in the world.

Price $8.57  Sold Out


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