Calming Sprays

Cultivating balance and a healthy curiosity with scent! Calm Aroma Mist and Comfort Aroma Mist (The Scent Project) were created by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Nancy Tanner. They are free from chemicals, emulsifiers, and preservatives. These delightful sprays are safe for dogs, children, and adults and benefit both species.

Calm Aroma Mist – Price $11.00 (out of stock)
Comfort Aroma Mist – Price $11.00 (out of stock)

Beneficial to both humans and dogs, aromatherapy elicits a more positive emotional response, whether it’s to lift the mood, add energy, or to relax and take a well needed deep breath.

For home, office, car, kennel, bedding, crate, and PAWS!

Calm Mist

Lavender and Chamomile in the right combination relax the nerves along the digestive system and help to encourage deeper breathing.

Comfort Mist

COMFORT has the same blend of lavender and chamomile, with the addition of sweet orange. Citrus essential oils are in the ‘mood lifting’ category, great for dogs or people that tend to crash when stress is present.

Shelf Life
Apart from a few exceptions, all steam distilled essential oils have a shelf life of at least 2 years, and even more when stored properly. The bottles are tinted either cobalt blue or amber to keep  light out of the product and to help maintain a good shelf life.

Helpful Tips
Shaking the bottle before use is the best way to blend and keep the scents pure, positive and effective.

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