Request for Your Healing Energy During My Surgery Today

I’m going to cut to the chase, because I am writing this with my left hand only. Well, Siri is helping too.

I had an accident on June 27. I fell and broke my hand and finger. There are multiple fractures in my ring finger of my right hand. I’m having surgery Thursday afternoon, July 13. While it’s a complex surgery, I am very confident in my hand surgeon, and have the utmost confidence in a full recovery. Obviously, my deepest desire is to regain my ability to play the piano at the level I have always been capable. My heart and soul wants nothing less.

The timing of this fall was particularly challenging, because it was three days before I moved homes. Angels appeared all around me and helped finish packing my belongings, while I did my best to supervise, because I was not able to pick up a box or even use my right hand at all.

So many from afar have asked what they can do to help, so here’s my request… If you read this in time, please listen to my piano playing sometime during my surgery between 12 PM and 2 PM PST on July 13. If you read this post-surgery, listen whenever it’s convenient.  While listening, please envision my right hand ring finger (fourth finger to pianists) fully healed, healthy, vibrant, and strong.

There are many ways to experience my piano playing, even without purchasing it. Here are your options:

Listen to one of your pet’s favorite music tracks from Through a Dog’s Ear or Through a Cat’s Ear CDs.

Turn on your iCalmDog or iCalmCat.

Download music tracks on iTunes.

Stream your choice of 44 tracks of iCalmDog on Apple Music and Spotify or 42 tracks of iCalmCat on Apple Music and Spotify.

Listen to free sound samples from iCalmDog or iCalmCat.

Listen on YouTube here:

Or here for concert repertoire (for people)

Also, know that I’ll be listening as well. I showed the surgeon my iCalmDog. Since I won’t be fully sedated, I requested to play it during surgery. He said, very enthusiastically… Sure! (I did mention I liked him, right?)

I’ll be tuning into Sanchez’s Spirit by listening to our favorite song, Child Sleeping by Schumann. I played it for him on the piano on his last night with me. I just sent Gina off with my good friend and dog sitter Sheila. Gina is enjoying the company of three beautiful Goldens. I’m looking forward to her healing doggie kisses when she greets me post surgery.

Thank you in advance for your healing wishes, your listening time, and sharing this with others. I am truly blessed as I already feel your support contributing to my hand’s full healing.

With gratitude,

























53 Responses to Request for Your Healing Energy During My Surgery Today

  1. I recommend throughadogsear all the time. Send you our prayers and blessings for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    Jeff and pups

  2. Penny says:

    Mojo sent! Keep you spirits high and feel all of the love you’ve shared through your music, come back to comfort and nourish you.

  3. Rachel Setola says:

    Oh Lisa,I’m saddened by your mishap but uplifted by your amazing spirit. You can count on me to join many in listening and visualizing rapid healing for you. I know my old Bichon girls will be very happy to join me. Best wishes to you!

  4. Sonia Lopez says:

    Sending prayers for sure. Good luck!

  5. Joyce A Davis says:

    will do!
    joyce, jazz and allie

  6. Jean Jahnke says:

    Praying for your complete recovery!

  7. juliette ashmoon says:

    i’m listening & sending healing energy & blessings to u. i’m sure u be fine!

  8. Beth Brovold says:

    Praying for all to go well today during surgery and a full recovery!

  9. Linda levine says:

    Best wishes. We’ll be listening to your beautiful music and sending healing your way!

  10. Ben says:

    Best of luck Lisa. I”m sure everything will go well, and you’ll be back to playing music very soon! I’ll certainly send you warm thoughts and prayers.

  11. Lisa, Even as I type this little Nora and I are riding out an early morning thunder storm with your beautiful, healing music playing. We send you our very best and puppy kisses for a speedy recovery. Joanne and Nora

  12. Donna Hess says:

    Sending love and positive energy today!!


  13. Kelly Morton says:

    Prayers for you, Lisa. And for your surgeon.

  14. Patty Soriano says:

    Sending prayers your way today Lisa! I know having a broken bone as a more “mature” lady is not a laughing matter and it takes longer to recover from. My dog (who I bought the ICalmDog for) broke my leg 5 years ago when he ran into me. I never imagined all the issues I would meet…including blood clots in both lungs and learning to walk again. I pray that you will recover just as well as I did!! May God direct every move of the doctor’s skilled hands. I wish you the best.

  15. Jackie says:

    Wishing you a fast healing Lisa. Sending you positive and healing thoughts and beautiful music to speed your recovery.

  16. Michelle says:

    Dear Lisa, my prayers are with you. My sheltie, Lexie and I will be listening to your music during your surgery today and praying that God will guide your surgeons’ hands. Your music is a gift to all of us. Love, Michelle & Lexie

  17. Carol Kemski says:

    Lisa, I am sending healing prayers and thoughts your way today and I will definitely be listening to your music during your surgery. I think it’s a wonderful wonderful idea for everyone to tune in to your healing spirit and I know that it will help. I’m thinking of you just wish I was closer to be able to help a little bit. Love you. Carol

  18. Marilyn Munger says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Sanchez! You are so lucky to have had 14 years with him! But, you already knew that. <3

  19. Lorraine Martinez says:

    Lisa- I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and will send healing energy from work today. Your music has helped me and my Boyz so much, especially as each of them prepared to head for the Bridge (Ben, brother to Jerry, followed Jerry to the Bridge in April). I believe it helped them to float up to the Bridge in good spirits.
    You will regain use of your fingers–it will take time and effort, but I am confident that you will prevail.

  20. Sending you love and healing energy today for your surgery….. your music is loved and appreciated in our house!

  21. KK says:

    Prayers for a good outcome for your surgery. Will listen to you play this afternoon

  22. Ellie F says:

    Well since we listen to you all day every day this will be easy! Will turn up the volume this afternoon and let the whole neighborhood enjoy.
    Love and best to you,
    Ellie & girls

  23. I will play my harp and send you songs of healing on the wind.

  24. Sandy Cody says:

    Sending healing thoughts

  25. Gloria Hanson says:

    Dear Lisa, You are in my prayers for rapid healing; I am also a musician!

  26. Carla Lehmann says:

    We will pray for you and play your beautiful music today during your surgery. In Memory of Sanchez is truly the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Thank you for sharing him with the world.

  27. Gloria Hanson says:

    I am also a musician & dog lover – -you are in my prayers!

    Regards, Gloria

  28. Julie Tedeschi says:

    My scotties and I are listening to your music to Sanchez and sending pawsitive vibes to the universe for your speedy recovery!

  29. Joan LeBlanc says:

    Lisa, you will come through this better than ever! Will be sending up some prayers for your speedy recovery. Best wishes, Joan

  30. Judy Bensinger says:

    Wishing you all the best. I recommend listening to some of your own music for assistance with healing. 🙂

  31. Matilda says:

    Lisa, may you have a successful surgery and a full recovery!

  32. Penny Case says:

    Sending prayers and healing Light. Requesting special support from the Music Angels!

  33. Karla says:

    I’m so sorry you’re hurt, Lisa. Sending healing wishes and will listen and picture your strong, recovered finger in a couple hrs. Best to you and your surgeon!

  34. alexa says:

    All the best for a speedy recovery and complete healing….kudos for reaching out and asking for what you want after all you give to so many! Those healing angels have your back…or should i say hand and fingers!

  35. Sandi J says:

    God Bless you during your surgery and recovery.

  36. Pam says:

    Sending thoughts of encouragement, strength and warm healing thoughts your way for a successful surgery and recovery.

  37. Maggie Newlands says:

    My mother broke a finger (sat on her thumb while on a camping holiday!). She was a piano teacher and was advised that she probably would no longer be able to play. In fact, she just started practising again as soon as it felt comfortable and stunned the medics with her recovery.

    Listening to your beautiful music as I write ….. sending healing from Bonnie Scotland

  38. Cheryl Lomas Irving says:

    You will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  39. Rudi says:

    Our positive, healing thoughts and prayers are with you during your surgery and as you recover to resume your beautiful music.

  40. Germaine Miguez says:

    Dear Lisa:
    Musical notes of Prayers and Blessings specially for you! Millions of furry Angels watch over you today!
    Stay strong!
    A Heavenly Light is illuminating your pathway to a prompt and safe recovery!
    Take Care!
    Thank You for your wonderful website!
    My little four paws Angels love your music!

  41. Allie Conway says:

    Sending healing energy and prayers from Raleigh, NC! Your wonderful music helped me get my 2 year old Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen through severe separation anxiety when he was just a pup. Don’t know what we would have done without you! Izzy and I are listening to your CDs now and send our wishes for your full and speedy recovery!!!

  42. Joyce says:

    sending you prayers for surgery and a speedy revocery

  43. Lourdes Aguilar says:

    Sending healing thoughts from México, hope you recover soon 🙂

  44. Meg's says:

    As a musician and a dog lover myself, I totally understand how important our hands and fingers are. I had two carpal tunnel surgeries myself. Sending you positive thoughts!! <3

  45. Susan R Pynchon says:

    My kitties and I are listening to your music and sending energy for healing.

  46. Kelley says:

    Sent during the surgery (and continuing ahead) healing energy for the best recovery. Also listened to the iCalming music to facilitate the energy transfer! Get well soon!

  47. Angie says:

    Listened to your beautiful music 12-1pm, with visions of your fourth finger as good as new! All the best!

  48. patricia fraser says:

    The Buddy Foundation Arlington Heights, Il. has your Calming Music on all the time.

  49. Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Your music has helped my dogs with car rides and storms. I do so appreciate your wonderful music! We will forever be in your debt.

  50. Judy says:

    Lisa – my thoughts and prayers are with you. Josie and I wish you a full recovery and we’ve listened to your music all week. The music has really helped her through the thunderstorms this week. I am sending you reiki healing energy as well.

  51. Zoë says:

    Dear Lisa, I too am a musician and I send you all my best for your complete recovery. I also want to thank you for your recordings. I have a multiple cat household and your music has been the best medicine ever for my furry little ones. My husband and I also find your playing so relaxing… S’ Wonderful. All our best wishes… and our cats’ too. Zoë PS. We live in Australia.

  52. Cheryl Romanowski says:

    Dear Lisa: I hope your recovery is going well and you will be playing your piano soon. Sending all my best wishes for a full recovery.

  53. Todd says:

    Lisa, I hope you are fully recovered now. My thoughts and prayers have been with you. You and Sanchez have made this world just a touch more beautiful. We very much love your music.

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