Silent Meditation Walk with Dogs

I just looked at all the gorgeous pictures from Camp Unleashed. It was my first experience as local director of their newest camp, Camp Unleashed Sequoia Lake in California, and I’m ready to return. I loved connecting with dog lovers, their beloved canines, and watching the dogs play together off-leash, while taking in the gorgeous surroundings of Sequoia Lake. One of my highlights was experiencing a silent meditation walk with my dogs, lead by Camp Unleashed founder Annie Brody. I have to admit, I was just a little bit nervous before the walk. Gina always checks back with me. Sanchez, on the other paw, often wanders. While he looks like a Yellow Labrador Retriever, I often joke that he is part Hound. His nose leads him to all sorts of interesting places, and it was working overtime at Camp Unleashed, just outside of Sequoia National Park.

With Gina and Sanchez and Camp UnleashedThe silent hike inspired me to observe my dogs and connect with them in a way that I hadn’t previously. Sanchez, who always seems to march to the beat of  his own drum, often explored and found his own path (as he does in everyday life as well). But, he always met up with us somewhere back on the hiking trail. While I was amazed that I didn’t need to call him, I think he was very happy to not feel any expectations from me during our walk.

Gina was as happy as she always is and kept checking back on me. What surprised me though, is that my two dogs bonded in a way that I’ve never noticed. I’ve had Gina for nearly a year now. Since Sanchez had been used to being an only dog, it took him a good six months to accept Gina into our family. But, on the silent meditation walk, he was more than just accepting her, he was fully embracing her presence. It was a heart-warming observation that I would have missed with verbal communication.

Gina and Sanchez on dock at Camp Unleashed

But what if we don't want to leave Camp Unleashed?


If you’ve never taken a silent meditation off-leash walk with your dog, I’d highly encourage it. Or you can join us at one of our three Camp Unleashed retreats next spring. Your dog will thank you for it.

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