Through a Cat’s Ear, Vol. 2:
Music to Stimulate

CD, 66 minutes, 10-page booklet

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Why Music to Stimulate?

The purpose of this recording is to provide sensory enrichment for indoor cats. Why is environmental enrichment important? Without high sensorial activities, your indoor cat’s nervous system becomes chronically stressed. This leads to difficult behaviors and/or illnesses that impact the entire cat household.

What is Environmental Enrichment?

It is the stimulation of the brain by physical and social surroundings. With indoor cats, enrichment strategies include animate interaction with other cats, dogs, and people, as well as the inanimate use of toys, physical space (high structures, textures, places to hide), and sensory input (eyes, ears, nose, taste).

When is Music to Stimulate needed?

Through a Cat’s Ear, Music for Calming, Volume 1, is designed to reduce stress in a chaotic or unsettling environment. Afterall, we are calming experts. In Volume 2, Music to Stimulate, our goal is to arouse cognitive and physical function.

Using the principles of resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification, we go in the opposite direction from Calming. In this soundtrack, we employ high frequency instrumentation, complex melodic patterns, increasing tempos, and frequency modulation. The music tracks are divided into 10 minute segments. Suggested use is to play this fun music during play time between 2- and 4-leggeds.

Combining the use of Music to Calm with Music to Stimulate

Consider the Through a Cat’s Ear series an adjunct to wonderful enrichment programs. Used together, you can exercise your cat’s innate animal instincts while keeping her safe and sound — purring on the corner of your bed and chasing your playful toes.


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Through A Cat's Ear Volume 2 - Music to Stimulate






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