The TaDE Referral Program (TRP)

Since 2008, Through a Dog’s Ear music programs have improved the lives of tens of thousands of canines. Most of these sales have been through word-of-mouth and direct sales from our website. We are a small organization (with a big heart) and can now finally put resources to making Through a Dog’s Ear available to the pet trade.

Can you help us place these valuable auditory programs in more canine households and, in the process, help fund yourself or your favorite animal non-profit?

Our inaugural wholesale program is called TaDE Referral.

This no cash out-of-pocket program is the easiest way to make some extra kibble while helping dogs. All you do is bark about TaDE.

Also, for those of you who would like to purchase TaDE products at wholesale and then resell where you already go in your dog world: dog shows, canine events (dog agility and other sporting events), classes, dog parks,  your friend’s dinner table, or your website, see our U Buy and Sell program.

How does it work?

You refer your favorite pet businesses to TaDE’s Introductory Pre-Paks, and receive $10 from the first order and 10% of subsequent orders for the following year. This $10/10%  applies to 1-100 venues. It’s all up to you!

What do I do, you ask?

  1. Download the following two PDFs:Pre-Pak with Display Order Form and Pre-Pak Display 1-Sheet
  2. Walk into your fave Doggy-daycare, Pet supply store, Dog-friendly hotel, Shelter retail, Groomers, Vets, etc., and start wagging your tail!
  3. Tell the store manager how TaDE has affected your canine household and how TaDE can improve their bottom line. Give them an order form (with Referral section filled out with your name) and a 1-sheet. Easy!

The TaDE Referral program is best-suited for location-based dog businesses. You refer and we fulfill (this means we handle all shipping and billing). You receive $10 on the first Pre-Pak order and 10% of the total orders placed for a year simply by showing your enthusiasm with your best dog business buddies.

What will I do when I get paid by TaDE?

There are plenty of things to do.

  • Pay your bills!
  • Treat your pooch (and you) to a massage!
  • Donate your proceeds to your favorite animal organization. You designate and TaDE handles the rest in your name.

I’m ready! How do I get started?

  1. Identify favorite pet venues that will be grateful to sell TaDE.
  2. Download and print out copies of the Pre-Pak w/Display Order Form.
  3. Fill in your contact information on p.2  in the TaDE Referral Program box. This is very important as this information is how we will track your participation and determine where to send proceeds.
  4. Download Pre-Pak with Display 1-Sheet.
  5. Take your dog for a walk or drive and go visit your best pet supply stores, vets, groomers, doggy daycares, trainers, etc.
  6. Ask to speak with a manager or buyer and explain the value TaDE has had in your household. Give them a copy of the order form and 1-sheet. (Make sure you have entered in your information on the order form first!)

TaDE Referral Program inner workings…

Payment: For your wonderful enthusiastic nature and desire to do good in the two- and four-legged world, you will be compensated:

Time limit: One year’s worth of orders dated from first sale to each vender (i.e., if you have 20 referrals, you will receive payments for a year for each vender!)

Who gets paid and when? Whomever you designate in the TaDE Referral box on p. 2 of the Order Form. TaDE will send a check within 45 days after the end of each quarter.

Territories: In this inaugural phase, the TaDE Referral Program is US-based only. If you are international and have an interest in this program, please email the contact below with your city and country name. We’ll be back in touch with you.

Right to change: Management reserves the right to alter or discontinue this program at any time. All Referrals will be honored for their full terms.

Further Information:

Contact Suki at
Tel: (800) 788-0949 (9:00 am-5:00 pm/pst)
Fax: (805) 485-1801


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