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Win an iCalmDog… It Stopped Border Collie’s Barking in 20 Seconds Flat!


The barking Border Collie in our crating area at Cynosport World Agility Games was driving me (and everyone around me) crazy. So, I asked the BC’s handler if I could bring over my iCalmDog 3.0 to see if the clinically tested music reduced his barking. I have to admit, Nim’s barking was so intense that I wasn’t even sure it would work, but watch what happened in 20 seconds flat… Continue reading

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Gina’s First Agility Trial

Gina practicing her contacts at home

When I adopted Gina last October, I was told that she had a very strong work ethic, combined with an extremely high drive and desire to please. Combining those ingredients can often translate into a terrific agility dog. Sanchez was … Continue reading

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A New K9 Behavior Every Day in August

It’s August 1st and I made a decision over the weekend to teach Sanchez and Gina something new everyday during August. Since I retired Sanchez from agility, we’ve started doing more tricks and canine freestyle training. We do this in … Continue reading

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Unleash your Inner Dog

A few months back, I was asked by Camp Unleashed founder Annie Brody if I would consider being the local director of the first Camp Unleashed on the West Coast. I knew of Annie’s work for years and of her … Continue reading

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The Dog Lady


This past weekend, I attended a local “Yappy Hour”, a growing popular term for a happy hour that welcomes dogs, usually in an outdoor setting. Gina spent the time retrieving balls and Sanchez was very content with his eyes glued … Continue reading

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