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5 Easy Tips to Help Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

iCalmDog dog home alone

It’s that time of year again… the kids are going back to school after an action packed summer. It’s been fun for the children, and Buster has been so happy with the extra attention and playtime. Then one day, his world changes. The house is empty and he’s left home alone.

The stress of suddenly being alone may cause… Continue reading

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5 Signs of a Responsible Dog Owner


Being a responsible pet parent may have many different definitions. But, it is more than just loving your dog and meeting his basic needs. Being responsible means learning how to understand the world from your dog’s point of view. Dogs speak a different language than people, and they are constantly studying everything we do to understand our behaviors and language. Being responsible means understanding their language and ways of communicating. Continue reading

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Was Your Dog Naughty or Nice This Year?


While it’s entertaining to think about for humans, very few, if any, dogs want to be naughty. I know it may appear he is misbehaving when you chase him around the house to get the santa stocking out of his mouth. But, to a dog, it’s simply a fun game, and the santa hat is no different than a favorite soft toy. In reality, Buster isn’t being naughty. He’s just being a dog. Continue reading

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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog in 33 Seconds

As well as I thought I knew my Labrador, Gina, she even surprised me recently during this recent run at an AKC agility trial. It never ceases to amaze me how much I continue to learn from my dogs. Here’s what Gina taught me in 33 seconds: Continue reading

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Is Sanchez In or Out of the Kitchen?


Sanchez was instructed to “Get out of the kitchen”. His front paws are in the kitchen, but his “Sit” is in the living room. What do you think? Is he out of the kitchen? Click here to read the 31 … Continue reading

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Are You Still Training that Dog?

100_0918.MOV Watch on Posterous A local business owner, who sees me often with Sanchez, made a passing comment the other day that really got my attention. He said, “You’re always training that dog.” While he didn’t mean it as a … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Helping Our Dogs?


Casey Lomonaco teaching Meet and Greet with Dogs  Casey and I met first on Twitter (where I new her as @RBDT), then at the APDT conference, and then in person at her training center in Binghamton, NY I was having … Continue reading

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HELP! My Dog Needs His Space!


  I just returned from a glorious overnight in Carmel, CA and enjoyed a very lovely stay at the Cypress Inn. Carmel is known to be the dog capital of the U.S. Dogs are welcome everywhere, it seems – shops, … Continue reading

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Through a Trainer’s Ear


by guest blogger Casey Matthews-Lomonaco, Owner of Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training Last October, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the city of Oakland to attend the Association of Pet Dog Trainers contest after winning the Dogwise John Fisher … Continue reading

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