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What is a Beautiful World with Pets?


Joshua Leeds and I recently enjoyed a delightful interview with Heather McElhatton at Minnesota Public Radio, for her show ‘A Beautiful World’. I was able to play music samples directly from my piano with Sanchez and Gina by my side. She asked heartfelt questions that reminded me why I started recording species-specific music over 10 years ago. Continue reading

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5 Surprising Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Canine Household

Hear no Evil

April was National Stress Awareness Month. As humans we have a multitude of choices regarding ways to reduce our overall stress level, including taking yoga classes, drinking green tea, meditating, keeping a gratitude journal, etc. But, how about our dogs? Continue reading

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Does Your Dog Love to Kiss?

Sanchez kissing Lisa at Piano

Yesterday was World Kiss Day. While this holiday was started in the U.K. for humans, I wondered why dogs didn’t join the celebration. I know not everyone appreciates dog slobber all over their face. But, personally, I relish kisses from my dogs. Sanchez gives them out sparingly, so I’ll take them as I can get them.

On the other paw, Continue reading

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The Story Behind Through a Dog’s Ear

Have you ever noticed that the best conversations happen around the kitchen table? Joshua Leeds and I were recently sitting at my kitchen table having lunch. We started reminiscing about how our meeting nearly 10 years ago inspired us to create Through a Dog’s Ear. Continue reading

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I Have a Dream….


Puppy dreaming to Music to Calm your Canine Companion It is Martin Luther King Day, and I woke up this morning thinking about his “I have a dream” speech. It inspired me to think about my real life dreams… I … Continue reading

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