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A Letter to My Dog On Her 8th Birthday

Dear Gina,

Eight already? Really? With your puppy energy and petite size, people think you’re 8-months-old, not years. Yet, I’ve witnessed an emotional maturity in you these past couple of months that’s new.

No, I’m not talking about your new grey furs under your chin. We’ve both been through a lately… Continue reading

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Happy 11th Birthday Señor Sanchez!

Sanchez Before After Years

Today is Sanchez’s 11th Birthday!

I don’t know how my puppy is 11 already, but I am eternally grateful that Sanchez is in great health on his 11th birthday.

I’m very aware of the challenges of having a senior pet. Sanchez is teaching me to be more patient, forgiving, and present. These are lessons not always so easy for me. Continue reading

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My Most Emotional Moment of 2013

iCalmDog with Gina at ER

Sanchez is 10 years old and went through some scary times in 2012 due to a slipped disc in his neck. I’m familiar with feelings of worrying about a dog in their double digits. Worrying about my young Lab, however, was completely foreign to me, until June of 2013. Continue reading

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