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In Celebration of a Dog’s Life Well Lived

Words can’t express how grateful I am for all the support I have received these past six weeks. It’s so comforting to be surrounded by an army of dog lovers that speak the same language and just get it. I’ve found great healing when reading all the heartfelt comments on my tribute to Sanchez and in personal emails and Facebook posts.Thank you!

Today would have been Sanchez’s 14th birthday. While I had been hoping to be partying with him, I am instead honoring him by celebrating his life. It was one well lived. Continue reading

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Can Music Really Heal Your Dog?


Four years ago, Sanchez was experiencing intense neck pain. My holistic veterinarian doesn’t have x-ray machines, so I took him to a neighboring clinic that does. I was told he would need to be sedated unless he could lay completely still on his back for the x-ray. Not only was this a clinic that was new for him, but the veterinarian didn’t exactly have a calming presence. And, I wasn’t allowed to go into the x-ray room with Sanchez. Continue reading

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Feeling Guilty While Caring for My Senior Dog


My 13 and 1/2 year old Lab, Sanchez, has been recovering from an E. Coli infection. It was touch and go for awhile. While I was waiting for lab results back after a few weeks of treatment, I didn’t know whether he just needed a diet change or if it was our final days together. I was on a complete emotional roller coaster. Continue reading

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8 Steps to Enriching Your Senior Dog’s Life

8 steps senior dogs

I can hardly believe that my yellow Labrador, Sanchez, is now 13 years old. I count my blessings that he is in good health and still enjoys our twice daily walks. But, I’m also aware that he can’t keep up to his activity level from even a year ago, let alone in his prime. I’m always looking for ways to provide mental stimulation to his environment without physically taxing his body.

Continue reading

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6 Loving Ways To Comfort Your Senior Dog


Now that Sanchez is 12-years-old and showing signs of slowing down, I think often about ways to comfort him. While I’m very blessed that he is in good health, it’s not unusual for senior dogs to lose memory, eyesight and experience hearing loss. Dogs also can experience some changes in behavior as they mature.
Serious behavior changes like resource guarding and separation anxiety developed later in life for him. I have heard from many people with senior dogs that get restless and agitated at night-time, yet they calmly sleep all day. It’s easy to feel helpless watching their discomfort, yet there are many simple things we can do to help. Continue reading

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Happy 11th Birthday Señor Sanchez!

Sanchez Before After Years

Today is Sanchez’s 11th Birthday!

I don’t know how my puppy is 11 already, but I am eternally grateful that Sanchez is in great health on his 11th birthday.

I’m very aware of the challenges of having a senior pet. Sanchez is teaching me to be more patient, forgiving, and present. These are lessons not always so easy for me. Continue reading

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The Saga of the New Dog Bed

New dog bed

1) Spontaneously purchased a new dog bed because Sanchez could use the extra support. And, well… it was a very good price that I couldn’t resist.

2) Stuffed it into the passenger seat, since the entire rest of the car was … Continue reading

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Music to Comfort Senior Dogs? Tenderly!

Sanchez AKC CGC Certificate

Like many dog lovers, I have a very tender place in my heart for senior dogs. When I first began working on the initial Through a Dog’s Ear project, I had a thirteen-year-old Golden Retriever named Byron. Only one year later, his memorial picture was on the piano as I recorded the first compositions. Byron was such a loving inspiration for me.

Shortly after he passed, I became a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind and fell in love with Continue reading

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Happy 10th Birthday Sanchez!


Today is Sanchez’s 10th Birthday!

This birthday feels different from all others. While I’ve celebrated all of his birthdays, this one is not like previous ones. I’ve known too many dogs who didn’t make it to their 10th birthday, and I’m aware that it’s a milestone and a blessing. And it is also a reminder … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Keep Calm and Listen to Music

Muttville dogs listen to Music to Comfort your Elderly Canine. Does music help you stay calm? How about your dogs? Continue reading

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Will Work for Turkey

The picture above was taken a year ago. When I look at it, I reflect on how grateful and blessed I am for my dogs, Sanchez and Gina. This year, I’m particularly appreciative, because Sanchez is recovering … Continue reading

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Helping Senior Dogs, Four Paws at a Time

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month. When I think of senior homeless dogs, Sherri Franklin comes to mind. She is the founder of Muttville, a fabulous rescue organization whose mission is to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice. Continue reading

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National Senior Pet Health Month

September is National Senior Pet Health Month! But when you have a senior dog that is considered part of your family, every day is about your dog’s health. As we all know, stress affects our lives and our health, and that works cross-species as well.

It is not unusual for Continue reading

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Are Senior Dogs More Sound Sensitive?


As I approach the big 50, I notice that I don’t have the same tolerance for loud environments that I did 20 or even 10 years ago. You rarely find me in Costo, clubs, or even loud restaurants anymore. Partly … Continue reading

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