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5 Surprising Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Hearing


It’s extremely common for senior dogs to gradually lose their hearing, often until it’s completely diminished. However, there are many small changes we can make to our sound environment to help reduce their hearing loss. Continue reading

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5 Surprising Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Canine Household

Hear no Evil

April was National Stress Awareness Month. As humans we have a multitude of choices regarding ways to reduce our overall stress level, including taking yoga classes, drinking green tea, meditating, keeping a gratitude journal, etc. But, how about our dogs? Continue reading

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It’s National Dog Week. Are we listening to our dogs?

It’s 4 am and there is only one reason I am awake. My dog heard something outside and started barking. I live in a rather rural area surrounded by wildlife. One of the benefits of not having neighbors close by … Continue reading

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