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While your dogs are enjoying the gifts in their Christmas stockings, I hope you can take some time to enjoy some delightful Christmas videos featuring dogs joyfully working.

Created by www.kutysauli.hu, the “A Doggie Christmas Surprise” uses Mirror Method dog training, very popular in Hungary. The training consists of three components:

1.  Builds up required relationship and ranking order in everyday life
2. Teaches dogs with clicker training, using only positive reinforcement and no force
3. Ensures the required lifestyle to dogs, especially giving them the opportunity to work upon their natural instinct energies

Please note: You may need to view “A Doggie Christmas Surprise” on a computer, as it is not showing on all mobile devices.

The next video stars Jasmine from myfavoritepup.blogspot.com. I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine at Barkworld. Jaz’s motto is “Live life with enthusiasm” and is she ever enthusiastic about saving Christmas! And you won’t want to miss the hysterical bloopers at the end.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and enjoy the videos!

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