The Saga of the New Dog Bed

1) Spontaneously purchased a new dog bed because Sanchez could use the extra support. And, well… it was a very good price that I couldn’t resist.

2) Stuffed it into the passenger seat, since the entire rest of the car was occupied by Sanchez and Gina in their crates, an agility jump, an agility contact training board, and a basket of dog toys.

New dog bed

3) Only purchased one, because I only have one senior dog. (And the store didn’t have two.)

4) Gina, 4 years old, immediately claimed the new bed.

Gina new bed

5) Sanchez wasn’t happy.

Sanchez old bed, Gina new bed

6) Sigh…

7) Sigh…

8) Sigh…

9) Two hours later…

Sanchez new dog bedSuccess!!!

10) Add iCalmDog to the mix and…. Sanchez may never leave his new bed.

Sanchez in bed with iCalmDogMore Success!!!

11) In the morning, Sanchez was still in his new dog bed, and Gina was in her old (well, not that old) dog bed. No switching during the night. Good dogs!

12) Gina, who ALWAYS wants to tug after breakfast, went right to Sanchez’s new dog bed, when he was eating outside.

13) Sigh…

14) Sigh…

15) Sigh…

16) Problem solved…

Gina my bed

17) Oops, new problem…

18) Now I need a bigger bed.

19) Sigh…

20) Hopefully… not the end.

Have you ever bought a new dog bed for one dog and another claimed it? Thanks for sharing your stories in a comment below.

Delivering calm, four paws at a time…

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2 Responses to The Saga of the New Dog Bed

  1. Maria Russo says:

    I have 7 dogs and just the fact of changing the blankets of their beds, is hectic. They always shove & push each other and the first hour or so can be hectic until they settle in.

  2. Lynn says:

    I gave up on dog beds long ago. My dogs always insisted on shredding any dog bed we got, playing with the stuffing until we could get it all cleaned up, then dragging whaat’s left all around the house to play with. We finally gave up and allow one to sleep in each of our beds, or on the one couch. We have to wash the comforters more often, but it’s a lot cheaper than constantly replacing dog beds.

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