Top 10 Ways of Knowing You Are A Pet Blogger

10. You buy a new sofa specifically for the intent of inspiring you to write more blogs. You then call it your blogging sofa and can’t write any other place.

Blogging Sofa

9. You find yourself on your blogging sofa, writing a blog, when you are stressed.

8. Your idea of getting dressed is putting on sweats to walk the dogs.

7. During conversations with friends, you frequently say “That would be a great blog title.”

6.  Every time you open your laptop, you find dog hair in it.


5. You are having a magnificent training session with your dog and you stop to take a picture or video of him that you can post in your blog.

Florence, Oregon with Gina and Sanchez

4. You go on vacation, having finished all of your blog deadlines before you left. But, you take your dogs with you on vacation and so many blog ideas pop into your mind that you can’t resist writing another blog while on vacation.

3. You decide to Be the Change for Pets by committing to it openly in a blog.

2. You fly from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. to attend BlogPaws, even though there is a hurricane watch for the entire East Coast.

And the number 1 reason you know you are a pet blogger……

1. You are flying cross country to attend BlogPaws in seven hours. You haven’t packed or slept yet, and you are sitting on your blogging sofa writing a blog.

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