Top 8 Reasons Your Dog Needs an iPawd

iCalmDog dog home alone


8. You listen to all your music on your mobile devices. They go with you when you leave, and your dog stays home alone. 



7. Your dog has one or more Through a Dog’s Ear CDs and loves them. In fact, they already keep him company when you have to leave him. But, the CD player shuts off well before you come home. His iCalmDog plays continuously.


Sanchez in crate with iCalmDog



6. He wants to enjoy his own tunes, clinically demonstrated to calm dogs, when he’s in his crate.







5. You leave him in the car for a short time (when it’s not hot), and you want to leave soothing music for him, so he’s not reactive to the outside stimuli. (Hint: The iCalmDog fits perfectly into your car beverage holder.)



Dog Cycling






4. Your dog is on the go, often. While he doesn’t have a mobile phone (yet), he’s got a mobile lifestyle.







iCalmDog dog sitter's



3. Sometimes you have to leave town without him. You feel so much better when you send him to the dog sitter’s with his iCalmDog.




Buster on Vacation with his iCalmDog



2. You’ve got your iPod. Buster’s got his iPawd. You both be looking so cool while you are chillin’.



And the #1 Reason Your Dog Needs His Own iPawd

1. He’d rather hug an iCalmDog than a stuffed toy.



Congratulations to Meghan Riegler! She entered our contest to win an iCalmDog for her dog on my recent blog post, High Tech Gadgets for Pets (Win an iCalmDog). I look forward to hearing all of the ways her dog will use his new iCalmDog. 

Photo Credit of Cyrus hugging his iCalmDog in bed: Lori Brown

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