Through a Dog's Ear - The ground-breaking book that explains how sound can improve the health & behavior of your canine companion
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Available in CD
and iCalm Platforms
Through a Cat’s Ear
Anxiety, Stimulation
& Noise Phobias

Calm Your Canine Series
Relieves anxiety from:
Fear Fireworks
Barking Thunder
Separation Hyperactivity
Aggression Loud noises

Calm Your Puppy Series
Calming &
Prevention of noise phobias

Comfort Your Elderly
Canine Series
Pain Surgery
Wandering Vet care
Unwelcome behaviors

Driving Edition
Driver alert/dog relaxed
Includes training instructions for dogs with auto-anxiety

Music for the
Canine Household
People awake /dog settles

Canine Noise Phobia Series
Fireworks, Thunderstorms
& City Sounds
Habituation & Desensitization Training Tools

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Feline sound therapy... anywhere!
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Curious about how music can calm dogs and cats? Enjoy these brief presentations that explains Through A Dog's Ear.

What makes sound therapeutic? (6:07)

"America's Veterinarian" Marty Becker prescribes Through A Dog's Ear (2:50)

A Beautiful World: Music proves healing for dogs
Ever wonder how sound and music affects your central nervous system? Minnesota Public Radio host Heather McElhatton interviews Lisa Spector and Joshua Leeds.

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